$16 million project means strong construction season ahead

Largest single-year public works project in municipality’s history

14,400 days of work created at over 40 work sites

SYDNEY, NS – Mayor Cecil Clarke released a detailed list of projects today for $16 million in improvements to the municipality’s water and wastewater systems.

The work represents 14,400 days of employment for workers on the projects. This project is the largest one-year investment in roadwork and underground infrastructure in CBRM’s history. Tenders for the project begin this month for project engineering and first phases of the project.

“This is great news for the companies and workers in the road construction industry,” said Dave MacKenna, President of Municipal Ready-Mix. “There is a lot of work ahead. It’s going to be a very strong season with significant economic impact.”


On August 16, the three levels of government announced an agreement to invest $16 million in improvements to existing water, sewer and stormwater infrastructure.

The federal government will be contributing 50 per cent of the costs equaling $8 million. The municipality and the Province of Nova Scotia are contributing $4 million each.

“The funding formula of 50 percent federal and 25 per cent provincial and municipal is what I had been pressing for in our capital plan,” said Mayor Clarke. “This project is, I hope, a first step to a better approach to infrastructure funding.”

“This project focuses on existing water systems and will have a positive impact on our goals to rehabilitate aging infrastructure,” said Mayor Cecil Clarke, noting that some CBRM water mains are over 100 years old. “These repairs will make our system more watertight, prevent costly water losses and lower chemical use and energy costs.”

“This underground system is critical to the daily lives of our residents,” said Clarke. “This is a significant project that will lead to hundreds of improvements across the CBRM.”

The water main rehabilitation part of the project will include 33 projects estimated at $12 million.

Sewage pumping facilities will also be replaced as part of this project. Lake Road and Phalen’s Road in Glace Bay, two stations at Mapleview Drive in North Sydney and Styles Lane facility in Sydney will be replaced.

Stormwater will also be addressed with a $3 million rehabilitation program to repair and replace 100 manholes across CBRM, improve catch basins and redirect stormwater flows.

Clarke says some work will begin this fall and the bulk of the work will be underway in the 2017 construction season. All projects must be completed by early 2018.

See project list below.



Council approved preliminary project list:

Water Main Rehabilitation East Division - $5.68 million

1. Lower McLean St. (Bruce to Commercial)

2. Gibbon St. (Wilson to Victoria)

3. Walsh Ave. (14th to End)

4. Waterview St. (Morley to Marine)

5. Clarke Ave. (Patrick to hudson)

6. LeDrew St. (Stanley to Hinchey)

7. Foundry Street (Glenwood to Reserve)

8. Tenth St. (Miner to Walsh)

9. Ling St. (Highland to Hickman)

10. Currie St. Phase 2 (Argyle to McDonald’s)

11. Wilson Ave. (Heelan Ave)

12. Main St. Phase 4 (Phalen St to Church)

13. Nicholson Ave. (King St to St. Joseph)

14. Royal Ave. (Commercial to King)

15. Commercial St. (Royal to Mitchell)

16. Ellsworth Ave. (Gibbon to Ling)

Water Main Rehabilitation Central Division - $3.36 million

1. Ankerville St. (Cromarty to Rotary)

2. Lisgard St. (Birchill to Cabot)

3. Morrison St. (Townsend to Brookland)

4. Lingan Road water (Henry to Church)

5. Inglis St. (High to Townsend)

6. Ashby Road (Herbert to Acadia)

7. Brookland St./Whitney Ave. (George to Ashby Road)

8. Membertou St. (Alexandra St to property line)

9. SCADA Ethernet Radio - electronic monitoring system improvements

Water Main Rehabilitation North Division - $2.96 million

1. Archibald Ave. (Stanley to Pierce)

2. Ocean St. (Howell to end)

3. Hare Avenue (Peppett to Brook)

4. Summer St. (King to Caledonia)

5. Pottle Lake filter upgrade

6. High St. (King St. to Brook St.)

7. Tobin Rd. (Hartigan Dr to Main St.)

8. Large meter replacement

Sanitary sewer pumping facilities replacement project - $1 million

1. Lake Road, Glace Bay

2. Phalen’s Road, Glace Bay

3. Mapleview Drive - North Sydney (2 stations)

4. Styles Lane - Sydney

Stormwater inflow and infiltration - $3 million

1. 100 manhole rehabilitations across CBRM

2. Stormwater separation - Central Division