Boil Water Advisory for Sydney continues

July 31, 2013

11:00 am

The Boil Water Advisory for customers on the Sydney water supply continues today.

The boil advisory was announced on Tuesday following test results that showed the presence of bacteria in one of 21 water samples taken in Sydney on Monday.

Greg Penney, Operations Manager of the Water Utility advises that two clear samples are required before the boil advisory can be lifted.


"The Water Utility received the first of two clean water samples required to suspend the boil advisory. A second sample has been sent to the lab and results are expected by mid-day Thursday." says Penney.

"We continue to test the water from the treatment plant to the end of the distribution system and there is no indication of a system wide presence of bacteria. However, the precautionary boil advisory remains in effect." states Penney.

Water customers are advised to boil all water for at least 2 minutes before drinking or any other activity that will result in consumption of the water. This includes drinking, preparing infant formula, juices and ice cubes, washing fruits and vegetables and dental hygiene.

"Customers will be advised immediately when all testing requirements have been successfully met."

The Sydney water system supplies tap water to approximately 9,400 water customers including a number of large scale businesses and institutional uses. Penney stated that many commercial and industrial customers have a standing protocol to deal with a boil water advisory.

"Residential customers have made numerous inquiries and are very understanding of the need to boil their water."

The Water Utility pumps approximately 3 million gallons of water daily into the Sydney system to supply population of 27,000 residents.