Boil Water Advisory lifted for Sydney system

August 1, 2013

11:10 am

The Boil Water Advisory for customers on the Sydney water supply has been lifted.

The boil advisory was announced on Tuesday following test results that showed the presence of bacteria in one of 21 water samples taken in Sydney on Monday.

Greg Penney, Operations Manager of the Water Utility advises that two clear sample results have been received from the lab and customers are no longer required to boil their water.


"We will now begin to analyze procedures and investigate the circumstances which resulted in one sample of 21 showing the presence of bacteria." says Penney. "We are confident in the integrity of the treatment and distribution system, and would like to assure customers that the water is safe to drink."

"A boil water advisory is a serious thing and causes a lot of disruption in homes, businesses and large facilities such as hospitals. This boil advisory was a precautionary measure, as we had one unacceptable sample, however, we are thankful that customers complied with the boil advisory and appreciate all the cooperation we received." stated Penney

The Sydney water system supplies tap water to approximately 9,400 water customers including a number of large scale businesses and institutional uses.

The Water Utility pumps approximately 3 million gallons of water daily into the Sydney system to supply population of 27,000 residents.