Call for nominations: Excellence in Built Heritage Award

The CBRM Heritage Advisory Committee invites nominations for the 2016 Excellence in Built Heritage award.

The purpose of the award is to recognize the work of property owners, contractors or designers who have in the last three years carried out a major renovation of an older building in the CBRM that has preserved and enhanced the building’s historic character. The award will be given to a nominee whose work demonstrates:

• A commitment to preserve or restore the building’s original style and architectural features
• Use of original building materials to the greatest extent possible
• Sensitivity to the natural and built environments surrounding the building

Work on any building within the CBRM that was built prior to 1940 will be considered, although priority will be given to nominations for buildings that were built prior to 1920 and which were in a deteriorated state prior to restoration.
Nomination forms are available from Rick McCready, Heritage Officer, by calling 563-5072, and can also be found on the CBRM website at http://www.cbrm.ns.ca/heritage-property-program.html. All nominations must be submitted by January 15, 2016 to:

CBRM Planning Department
320 Esplanade
Sydney, N.S.
B1P 7B9

The award will be presented to the successful nominee at a ceremony to be held on in February.