CB Transit Update (7pm)

CB Transit update:

All routes will be cancelled for the remainder of the evening, starting at 8pm. 

No further departures from Dorchester after 8pm.




CB Transit is still running as of 5:20pm, however there are several updates to routes for the evening due to weather: 

Route 1 – Travelling main roads only. Reserve and Dominion out of service temporarily.

Route 3 & 4 - NO service

Route 5 – Service to Sydney and North Sydney temporarily stopped

Route 8 – Main streets only, side streets will be temporarily stopped

Route 9 – Main streets only

Route 10 & 13 – some side streets may not be accessible

Route 11 & 12 – some side streets may not be accessible 


CBU express buses are not in service this evening 

A further update will be provided at 7pm.