CBRM council to hold special meeting on youth issues

November 5, 2013

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SYDNEY, NS - Cape Breton Regional Municipality's younger residents are being encouraged to re-imagine the future of their communities and articulate their vision to council.

As part of the Mayor and Council's Reorganization Plan for Positive Change, special meetings of council will be designated as focused on youth and youth-related issues. The first meeting will be held at the Civic Centre on Tuesday, November 26 from 6:30 to 8:30 pm.


"Our younger residents want to stay in Cape Breton, find good jobs and raise families here," said Mayor Cecil Clarke. "As a council, we are going to make sure we hear from youth about their vision for our municipality. Their ambitions can be realized if we focus our efforts on the right priorities today."

Clarke says the CBRM's Strategic plan lays out several objectives and actions to benefit youth including:

• Establish youth service areas in North, Central and East Divisions to provide the support and resources necessary for youth sport, recreational and program delivery throughout the region.

• Advocate for a public transit access-pass for youth enrolled in established programs for active, healthy lifestyles and learning.

• Consult with major employers and academic institutions on bus routing and schedules to best accommodate user requirements.

• Conduct an HR review in relation to the CBRM government's internal requirements for skills in the upcoming years. Communicate the skills and the shortages so that youth may plan for such opportunities.

• Establish a funding mechanism for youth projects to meet youth, family and community priorities.

• Work with the provincial government to increase summer student employment opportunities creating additional jobs through partnerships with local not-for-profits, the private sector and community-based initiatives.

• Establish a mentoring program for students to gain on-the-job training and experience following graduation.