CBRM encourages citizens to prep for unexpected emergencies

February 13, 2017

Environment Canada has issued blizzard and storm surge warnings for Sydney Metro and Cape Breton County (which can be found online at https://goo.gl/NtvqeS).

As we anticipate these poor weather conditions, it is important to ensure you and your family are prepared for any unexpected emergencies.

A good rule of thumb is to prepare an emergency kit, which is ready with essentials to last you at least 72 hours.

Some items to include in your emergency kit are:

• At least two litres of water per person, per day
• Non-perishable food items (and a can opener if needed)
• Flashlights and batteries
• Portable radio
• First-aid kit
• Allergy medicine and any additional prescription medications
• Extra blankets and sleeping bags

It is also important to remember if you ever require immediate assistance, do not hesitate to call 911 .

For more information on how to prepare for an emergency, visit: novascotia.ca/emo