CBRM POLL: Crop Cultivation & Processing in Manufacturing Areas


Agricultural crop cultivation and processing should be allowed in areas where manufacturing is permitted/occurring, provided the harvested crop is processed at the same site.

Please answer yes or no here: https://goo.gl/forms/wCGPdHvEcCu8pQZF3

BACKGROUND:The Federal Government has legalised the cultivation, processing, retailing and consumption of cannabis for recreational purposes.

The consumption of cannabis is not a land use; therefore, is not the focus of this poll. However, the cultivation, processing, and retailing can be regulated in a Land Use Bylaw (LUB) supported by policy in the Municipal Planning Strategy (MPS).Since legalization, the cultivation of cannabis is just another agricultural commodity like tobacco. While agricultural crop cultivation, processing, and retailing is already permitted in most of rural CBRM, an individual may want to establish this land use in locations other than within a farming community. In order to achieve this, agricultural uses should be added to the list of permitted uses in all zones where manufacturing (i.e.. processing) is permitted, such as industrial parks. This change will allow for any agricultural crop to be grown and processed in areas where manufacturing is already present.