CBRM's Reorganization Plan for Positive Change update next week

New: Online expenses improve transparency

November 18, 2013

SYDNEY, NS – Mayor Cecil Clarke's Reorganization Plan for Positive Change will have a Year One update next week, but one item that will be added in the coming year is that the Mayor's travel and meeting expenses will be posted online monthly.

"Open transparent governance requires open, transparent disclosure of the use of public funds to advance our community's strategic interests," said Clarke.


Clarke said his disclosure format will match the process followed by Halifax Mayor Mike Savage.

"We have had a good working dialogue with HRM and in working on our areas of mutual co-operation and collaboration, this aspect is one we can move forward on."

The first lines of the Positive Change Plan are:

Municipal leaders will set the tone for our community, creating the spark and being the catalyst for significant, positive community change. The CBRM will demonstrate a positive tone; one of collaboration, advancement, focused energy, partnering and future promise.

The Cape Breton Regional Municipality will demonstrate transparency and strict reporting in the strategic business of its government.

"An important part of the plan for positive change is to engage the community and provide transparent and accountable government," said Clarke. "We are modernizing all of our processes to ensure we deliver on the mandate the citizens gave us."

The monthly expenses will be posted on the CBRM website starting in January 2014 and will include a year-to-date summary as well.

The Reorganization Plan for Positive Change was based on Mayor Clarke's election campaign and is the plan to deliver the mandate of his government. It was adopted unanimously by Council on November 26, 2012. It is available on cbrm.ns.ca.