CBRM seeks provincial support for $300 million capital plan

March 5, 2013

Mayor Clarke outlines plan for five-year funding deal
SYDNEY, NS – Cape Breton Regional Municipality started the process to commit to put forward $75 million over five years for capital infrastructure and is seeking matching funding from the province and federal government.

"We are prepared to commit based on our investment capacity. Now we are seeking a matching commitment from the province," said Mayor Cecil Clarke. "With the support and commitment from the province, we can seek an opportunity to come to a contribution agreement with the federal government."


Clarke said the rationale for a multi-year plan is clear.

"We are the only city in Atlantic Canada with double digit unemployment. At the same time, we are required by regulations to upgrade $454 million in wastewater infrastructure," noted Clarke, indicating that amount comprises over 20 per cent of the wastewater requirements of all Atlantic Canada. "A five year plan will allow us to address core community infrastructure like water, sewer, roads and sidewalks while stabilizing our communities."

Clarke said his approach to negotiate a strategic five-year agreement with provincial and federal governments is needed to stabilize the operations of Nova Scotia's second city.
"Strategic multi-year supports are needed to stabilize the operations of our communities, whether you look at volunteer fire departments, community halls, seniors and pensioners clubs, youth programs and public transit," said Clarke.

Clarke says the Capital Plan put forward today recognizes pressures from federal wastewater requirements, systemic infrastructure deficits and appropriate cost-shared projects under federal, provincial and municipal jurisdictions.

"Our council and communities are first asking for provincial support for this approach. We are seeking for CBRM's priorities to be submitted for federal funding as a provincial priority," he said.

Clarke has met with provincial and federal representatives to start a "respectful, meaningful and engaged dialogue" about the CBRM's interest in a five-year, cost shared capital plan.

5 Year Capital Plan: $300,000,000
Municipal (25%), Provincial (25%) and Federal (50%) contribution agreement.

Capital Infrastructure Improvements (street and underground infrastructure) - $100,000,000
Wastewater Strategy - $60,000,000
CBRM facilities - $44,000,000
Recreation Master Plan and Capital Program - $5,000,000
Fleet Modernization - $25,000,000
Community infrastructure - $66,000,000

See the presentation on the capital plan here. (PDF)