CBRM urges thorough and definitive review of Miller case

October 2, 2014

SYDNEY, NS - The Cape Breton Regional Municipality is encouraging the provincial Justice Minister to conduct a complete and thorough review of the 1990 death of New Waterford teenager Clayton Miller.

Mayor Clarke wrote to Provincial Attorney General and Minister of Justice Lena Diab and expressed support of the review she announced in September.

"The full scope of the Medical Examiner's office needs to be brought to bear on this matter," said Mayor Clarke in his letter. "The Chief Medical Examiner, Doctor Matt Bowes, must examine all of the previous work that was done and provide as definitive a conclusion as possible."

Clarke said he is confident in the abilities of the Chief Medical Examiner and urged the Minister to allow him the time and resources to fully address the facts of the case and the allegations made against police officers.

"A tragedy happened in New Waterford in 1990 and it continues to impact our community today," Clarke wrote.

"Conclusive findings are needed for both the Miller family, who have suffered a tragic loss, and for the members of our police department who have endured much stress and pressure," he continued. "Ongoing accusations of murder and cover up tear at the fabric of our community. This harms all of those involved."

Clarke appealed to the Minister to "take whatever measures are necessary" to reach full conclusions.

The Mayor's Letter to the Minister.