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Coat of Arms

Coat of ArmsGranted in 1997, the Coat of Arms acknowledges, through eight maple leafs on a shield, the former municipalities that now comprise the regional unit. The shield, the main element of the Coat of Arms, also features a Cape Breton Sloop taken from the original Great Seal of Cape Breton. The colours green and gold represent forestry and tourism and reflect the Cape Breton tartan. The Shield is supported by a horse and a unicorn whose collars include symbols of coal and steel, as well as a violin and bow indicative of the creative spirit of the Cape Breton people and a garb of wheat representing hospitality.

The crest consists of a crown of stone with an open portcullis (gate) referring to our historic gateway link welcoming immigrants to the Western World. A rising phoenix, represented by a bald eagle, symbolizes the birth of a new municipality from the remains of the old.

The unit rests on a stone wall, representing the Municipality's fortifications, including Fortress Louisbourg, and features a cape promontory alluding to the formal name of our municipality.

The motto, Fortuna Non Mutat Genus, translates circumstance does not change our origin, a fitting motto for this new municipality. The motto "A Community of Communities" refers to the amalgamation which took place in 1995.