Election 2012 - General Information

Every four (4) years the Cape Breton Regional Municipality (CBRM) conducts Municipal and School Board Elections.

In October 2011 the Nova Scotia Utility and Review Board determined that the number of Districts (and Councillors) elected in CBRM should be reduced from sixteen (16) to twelve (12). Click here for information on the new District Maps and Descriptions

In the Municipal Election to be held on October 20, 2012, voters in CBRM will be electing one Councillor from each of twelve (12) new districts and a Mayor, elected by all voters in CBRM (at large).

e-Voting in CBRM

The CBRM Municipal and School Board Elections in 2012 will feature options allowing eligible voters to safely cast their ballots electronically over the internet or by telephone.

Internet and telephone voting has been used in many different jurisdictions in the past few years and it offers increased accessibility for voters who can now participate in elections in a different way than physically going to the polling station to cast a paper ballot.

Starting at 8:00 a.m. on October 9th until 7:00 p.m. on October 16th, those voters whose names are on the Final List of Electors will have 24-hour access to the election system.

Residents will be able to vote from the comfort of their own home, or if travelling they can access the system from any computer or telephone.  For those voters who don’t have access to their own computer, an option would be to visit a CAP site in their area.

By the first week of October, each voter who is on the Final Voters’ List will be mailed an individual Voter Notification Letter, which will include a unique personal identification number (PIN).  Full details on how to access the system will also be provided in the Notification Letter.

If you have not received a Voter Notification Letter with your PIN by October 9th, please call the Voter Help Desk at 902-563-5216 or toll free 1-855-235-2233 during regular business hours.

IMPORTANT:  In order to vote via the internet or telephone, a person must insure that their name is on our Voters’ List.  There are instructions on this page on how to check to see if you are on the List.

Electronic voting will take place October 9-16 in advance of regular Election Day which is October 20th.

For those who prefer to cast their ballots in person, the CBRM will run traditional-style polling stations with paper ballots on October 20th at various locations throughout the region.

Anyone not on our list as of Election Day can show up at the appropriate polling station on October 20th and take an oath (or affirm) that they are qualified to vote.

Are you on the List of Electors? Click: Check Voters List

Need to find your new voting district for the 2012 Municipal Election?  Click: What Is My Electoral District ? or use our convenient interactive District & Division Locator Mapping tool.

The election for twelve (12) Councillors and the Mayor (Regional Council) is carried out under the Provincial Municipal Elections Act (MEA).

During the Municipal Election, CBRM also carries out elections for School Board members under the Nova Scotia Education Act.

The Cape Breton-Victoria Regional School Board (CBVRSB) is comprised of fourteen (14) elected members and one (1) African Nova Scotia representative elected by entitled voters, as well as one appointed Aboriginal member. The Nova Scotia Education Act outlines the eligibility to vote in School Board Elections.

CBRM also conducts elections for the Conseil scolaire acadien provincial (CSAP) electing one (1) member at large from CBRM and Victoria County to the board by entitled voters.

Questions: Contact the CBRM Returning Office 4th Floor, Suite 403, Civic Centre, 320 Esplanade, Sydney, NS tel: 902-563-5010 or email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

For additional information on municipal electons in Nova Scotia, click: Nova Scotia Municipal Elections 2012