Moderate voter turnout on first day of e-voting

District 10 special elections

November 26

CBRM Election Officials have reported that approximately 335 people have gone online or on the telephone to cast ballots during the first day of advance voting for the CBRM Special Elections for Councillor and School Board Member in District 10.

The Returning Office reports that in the 23 hours the polls have been open, approximately 4.6% of the total eligible voters have embraced the e-voting technology.

The Voter Help Desk and the Clerk's Office have fielded numerous calls and it is expected that many more CBRM residents will opt to cast their ballots by telephone or over the Internet. Most callers to the Help Desk were easily accommodated and required minimal assistance.

The Returning Office plans to release a daily total of those who cast their ballots using the technology.

The residents of District 10 in CBRM are being encouraged to continue using the e-voting system, and for those who would prefer to cast traditional paper ballots, there will be traditional polling stations available on December 6th from 8 am to 7 pm for that method of voting.

Anyone with questions on e-voting can call the Voter Help Desk at 902-567-5889 during regular working hours.