Municipal Government Act Review is Underway

The Department of Municipal Affairs is working with the Union of Nova Scotia Municipalities and the Association of Municipal Administrators to carry out the review of the Municipal Governement Act (MGA) over the next three years.  We are asking those in the CBRM who wish to comment or offer suggestions on improving the MGA go to the following link and offer your opinions

Municipal Government Act Review Comments

When the Municipal Government Act (MGA) came into effect on April 1st, 1999, it signified a major breakthrough for municipalities. The end product of a four-year joint municipal-provincial legislative review resulted in a single piece of legislation representing the best efforts of municipal and provincial leaders to develop a modern legal framework to guide municipalities.

The MGA recognized municipalities as a responsible order of government, accountable to the people and provided councils with broad authority to provide good government within the jurisdiction given to them. It also acknowledged the vital importance of maintaining a good working relationship between provincial and municipal orders of government. The new legislation was intended to be broader, less restrictive and more user friendly then the legislation it replaced. The MGA provides municipalities with more authority in areas such as bylaw powers, area rating provisions, planning tools, off site charges and capital reserve account withdrawals.

The Municipal Government Act continues to be an important piece of legislation but it is not the modern, practical legal framework it once was. It requires substantive changes if municipalities are to respond to the serious economic and demographic challenges outlined in the One Nova Scotia Report. The One Nova Scotia Commission has issued a call to action and challenged government to initiate a review of current municipal governance and service structures by the end of 2015.