Changes made to Transit timetables

Alll new schedules are found online on CBRM website: Cbrm.ns.ca/transit 

Please CONTINUE to check the CBRM website for the latest timetables, as we may need to make alterations this week. The final Rider's Guide will be printed and ready on Nov 26th.

Highlights, include:

Route 3: Additional runs, slight changes to timetable. 

Route 4: Additional runs, slight changes to timetable.

Route 5: Changes to timetable.

Route 9: Changes to timetable. No longer travelling through South Bar. 

Routes 10 & 13: Now Combined, changes to timetable, Extended hours

Routes 11 & 12: Now combined, changes to timetable 

Route 14: Slight changes to several start times to allow for later finish of runs.

Please standby for the new version of the rider’s guide – which will be available soon!