Open House Wednesday regarding the Dominion-Bridgeport Wastewater Treatment Plant.

CBRM Wastewater Operations will host a public open house concerning Seasonal Disinfection at the Dominion-Bridgeport Wastewater Treatment Plant this Wednesday in Dominion.

When: Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Time: 6pm-8pm

Where: Dominion Fire Hall on Commercial Street 

Representative from the CBRM and CBCL Limited will be on hand to provide information and respond to questions. 

The Wastewater Treatment Plant located in Dominion treats wastewater that is generated from approximately 4000 people. While the plant performs seasonal disinfection, it will continue to treat wastewater to national performance levels throughout the year. Seasonal disinfection means shutting the UV disinfection equipment off during the winter months from November 1st to April 30th. Because recreational swimming and boating do not occur in during the winter months, there is minimal risk to public health. The premise of seasonal disinfection is to reduce operating cost at the treatment plant in terms of wear and tear on equipment and energy demand. Municipalities across Canada and North America perform seasonal disinfection, including four Wastewater Treatment Plants operated by Halifax Water.  

For more information:

Brandon Talbot

CBRM Wastewater Operations Supervisor

902- 563-5773