Transit Cape Breton to offer extended hours for Handi Trans

Eligible residents are encouraged to apply and take advantage of the improved service

May 7, 2015

SYDNEY, NS – An increase to Handi Trans services will improve and extend the service for eligible residents.

Forty hours of service per week have been added to Handi Trans. Previously, the service operated until 10 pm from Wednesday through Saturday. With the changes, the service now runs until midnight, Wednesday to Saturday. In addition, the service now operates on Sundays from 9 am until 7 pm. Before the changes, Handi Trans was not available at all on Sundays.

"This expands the level of service and increases options to those whose mobility was limited due to operating hours," said Mayor Cecil Clarke. "The operators of our Handi Trans do a phenomenal job of supporting our customers. They care about the people they serve. This improvement allows them more opportunity to add to the quality of life for residents with disabilities."

Marcie Shwery-Stanley, Chair for the Society for the Improvement of Accessible Transportation, is elated with the changes to Handi Trans.

"These changes enable people with disabilities to attend events that were not previously accessible to them," says Schwery-Stanley. "Handi Trans is a lifeline for people with disabilities and we're so pleased to see improvements to the service."

In addition to the extended hours, Handi Trans has added another bus to operate between 2 pm and 10 pm from Wednesday to Saturday. The entire municipality is now serviceable by Handi Trans. It has expanded to include areas such as Louisbourg, Marion Bridge, East Bay, and more.

Eligible residents are encouraged to apply for Handi Trans. To register, call the Handi Trans line at 902-539-4336.