2018 Trashformer Program

2018Trashformer Crew

The 2018 Trashformer Team

The 2018 Trashformer Team involved in removing litter and debris from communities across CBRM during the summer of 2018 included Ben Gillis, Katy Barnes, Kirsten MacKeigan, Connor MacLeod and Brittany MacKenzie, (missing from photo).  You could find this hard-working, energetic team working Monday to Friday, transforming our streets and communities into litter-free areas.   


Candom Recycling Tour

Trashformers Ben Gillis, Connor Macleod, Katy Barnes and Kirsten MacKeigan had the opportunity to tour Camdon Recycling Ltd. to learn more about recycling in CBRM.  Disposing of your recyclables and paper products in blue bags is one way to reduce litter in CBRM.


Partnering with other groups in the community CBU and Parks Canada

The 2018 Trashformer Team began transforming CBRM streets and public areas on Monday, May 28, 2018 and continued their efforts Monday to Friday until Friday, August 17, 2018 when the 2018 program concluded.