Leftover Paint Disposal



Residents are reminded that Empty, Dried Paint containers and unused paint products are NOT ACCEPTED curbside and will not be collected during Heavy Garbage Collection. Empy paint containers and unused paint products are also NOT accepted for disposal at the Waste Management Facility on SPAR Road in Sydney. Residents can drop-off their empty paint containers and unwanted paint products to any Paint Recycling Drop-off Centre located in CBRM, at no charge.

Accepted Paint Products

  •  Interior and exterior paints


  •  Latex, acrylic, water-based paints


  •  Alkyd, enamel, oil-based paints


  •  Deck coatings, floor paints


  •  Single component varnishes and urethanes


  •  Concrete, masonry, drywall, and stucco paints


  •  Metal and wood primers


  •  Undercoats


  •  Marine paint* (*unless registered under Pest Control Product Act Maximum container size is 25 litres)


  •  Melamine, metal and anti-rust paint, stains, shellac


  •  Single component swimming pool paint


  •  Stain blocking paint


  •  Wood masonry, driveway sealers and water repellants


  •      EMPTY, dried paint containers (containers must contain original labels)




All types of paint aerosols are accepted:

  •  Consumer, industrial and automotive

Maximum container size is 660 grams or 24 ounces.


For a full list of acceptable and unacceptable products, please visit www.productcare.org/NS or call 1-888-772-9772.


Paint Recycling Drop-off Locations

Leftover paint is accepted free of charge at the following locations in CBRM:


  • Keltic Recycling:  434 Keltic Drive, Sydney River, NS, B1L 1B8  (902)562-4008


  • Triple B Recycling:  24 Stornaway Street, Sydney, NS, B1P 2P8  (902)539-8736


  • Total Recycling Ltd.:  50 Industrial Drive, Sydney, NS, B1P 6Z3 (902)564-5173


  • North Sydney Recycling:  66 Memorial Drive, North Sydney, NS, B2A 2T6  (902)241-3004


  • Burke's Depot:  12 Commercial Street, Louisbourg, NS, B1C 1B6  (902)733-2130


  • New Waterford Recyclers:  5559 Union Highway, New Waterford, NS, B1H 1B5  (902)862-3090


  • Glace Bay Recycling Ltd.:  39 Minto Street, Glace Bay, NS, B1A 5B5  (902)842-0608


Returning Leftover Paint


  •  Keep paint products in their original containers with labels on.


  •  Do not combine leftover paints with each other or with oil-based paints, solvents or other products.


  •  Make sure paint cans are properly sealed before transporting.


Empty Paint Containers


Empty, dried paint containers can now be returned to any local Paint Recycling Drop-Off Centre along with any unwanted or unused paint products you have for disposal. All products must contain orginal labels.



Residents who have questions about Heavy Garbage Collection are encouraged to contact the Waste Management Hotline at (902)567-1337. Educators are available to respond to inquiries from 8:30am to 4pm Monday to Friday.