Mayor's Office


A message from Mayor Cecil Clarke:

The Cape Breton Regional Municipality is guided by clear principles that light the path toward growth and prosperity. I welcome everyone to join us on this journey.

A Reorganization Plan for Positive Change  (PDF 1MB) was adopted by CBRM Council in the Fall of 2012. The document is titled "Shaping our Future in the Cape Breton Regional Municipality: A Reorganization Plan for Positive Change." This document guides the direction and states the desired outcomes of the term of the 2012-2016 council.

Year One update (2012-2013) (PDF 1.5MB)

Mid-term update (2014 year in review)

As we go forward, councillors and others in positions of leadership in our community will demonstrate a commitment to collaboration, advancement, partnering and future promise. Our plan for the years ahead will focus our energy and frame our success.

The CBRM is a community that leads and will pursue opportunities that advance our region. This begins by making our community the most business and development-friendly in Atlantic Canada. As Mayor, I will empower the CBRM's employees and residents to ensure they have the benefit of working and living in one of Canada's best-run municipalities. They will set the tone, create the spark and serve as catalysts for significant, positive community change.

The CBRM is a confident community that demonstrates transparency and strict reporting of the strategic goals and outcomes of its government. Municipal government is inclusive and will regularly consult with residents, business leaders, organizations and partners on the journey ahead. Through a confident and focused municipal government, residents and businesses in CBRM can benefit from quality front-line services.

Our determination and effort are our greatest strengths. May we find an abundance of both in the coming years.

Cecil Clarke
Mayor, Cape Breton Regional Municipality

About Mayor Cecil Clarke

Mayor Clarke was elected in October 2012, pledging a different approach to the leadership of the Cape Breton Regional Municipality. He has begun work on many initiatives that were outlined in the Reorganization Plan for Positive Change passed by council in November, 2012.

Some of the firsts:

  • First region-wide budget consultation
  • The first five-year Capital Plan for infrastructure
  • The first unanimous budget vote in council
  • First joint meeting of all island councils ...and the first joint meeting of CBRM council and Membertou and Eskasoni First Nations
  • The first Mayor's Task Force to re-examine the municipality's practices and organization
  • The first visit to our city by a Halifax Regional Municipality Mayor
  • First year-round council meetings, ending the practice of summer recess

During annual budget consultations over 800 residents have been consulted on the top priorities for our city. Job creation was the number one priority and the Port of Sydney was widely viewed, by a majority of residents, as the key to economic growth.

The five-year Capital Plan and development of the Port of Sydney are key initiatives of Mayor and Council and every effort will be made to address these as the priorities of the citizens of CBRM. The Port Summit, held in February, 2013, attracted experienced presenters and interested parties from across North America and engaged residents about the economic potential of our port.

As Mayor, Cecil Clarke will continue to reach out and build the bridges to a new, stronger economy for the Cape Breton Regional Municipality.