Port summit wraps up today with public hearing at council chambers

February 22, 2013

SYDNEY, NS – The two-day Port Summit hosted by CBRM, the Cape Breton County Economic Development Authority and Sydney Ports Corporation wraps up today with a public hearing at the CBRM council chambers at 2:00 pm. The conference is part of the Cape Breton Regional Municipality's Reorganization Plan for Positive Change.


The summit brought together many of the business, government, community and industry participants that are actively engaged in developing the port. The event is also engaging the broader public on the opportunities for jobs and economic development the port presents.

Videos of Thursday's presentations and notes from the breakout sessions are available via the Port Summit page on CBRM's website (www.cbrm.ns.ca). Video of today's panels will be posted after they conclude. Eastlink and Seaside are broadcasting Thursday's presentations at noon today and will broadcast live at 2 pm from the public hearing at CBRM Council Chambers.