Transit Cape Breton - Give transit a try!

Transit Cape Breton gets you where you need to go in metro Cape Breton. Heading to work or for a day of shopping, our clean, well-maintained buses will get you there conveniently and on time. Come along for the ride!

Use Google Transit Trip Planner for CB Transit  Read the step-by-step guide for Google Transit.

New Transit Guide now Available: Nov 1, 2017 - Rider's Guide

More information here on improved routes:

These maps and routings below do not yet reflect the new changes:

Route 1 - Sydney-Dominion-Glace Bay

Route 1 Schedule
Route 1 Map
Route 1 Map (Printable PDF)


** PLEASE NOTE: Route 1 will continues as scheduled timetable above. IN ADDITION to this timetable,two extra buses will be running from Sydney (Dorchester Street) to CBUdirectly, starting at 7:30am. These two buses will run every half hour for the day. 

ALSO, there will be one overload bus traveling from Glace Bay to CBU during peak hours. 


Route 3 - Glace Bay- New Aberdeen

Route 3 Schedule
Route 3 Map
Route 3 Map (Printable PDF)

Route 4 - Glace Bay- Steele's Hill

Route 4 Schedule
Route 4 Map
Route 4 Map (Printable PDF)

Route 5 - Sydney- North Sydney- Sydney Mines

Route 5 Schedule
Route 5 Map
Route 5 Map (Printable PDF)

Route 8 - Sydney - Whitney Pier

Route 8 Schedule
Route 8 Map
Route 8 Map (Printable PDF)

Route 9 - Sydney - New Waterford

Route 9 Schedule
Route 9 Map
Route 9 Map (Printable PDF)

Route 10 - Sydney - Alexandra Street

Route 10 Schedule
Route 10 Map
Route 10 Map (Printable PDF)

Route 11 - Sydney - Ashby

Route 11 Schedule
Route 11 Map 11 Map
Route 11 Map (Printable PDF))

Route 12 - Sydney - Sydney River

Route 12 Schedule
Route 12 Map
Route 12 Map (Printable PDF)

Route 13 - George Street - Cottage Road

Route 13 Schedule
Route 13 Map
Route 13 Map (Printable PDF)

Routes are serviced Monday to Saturday, with exceptions for some Saturday trips. Transit services do not operate on Sunday or Holidays. (Now with the exception of the CBU Sunday Service)



Cape Breton University - Sunday Service

(same stops as Route 1: Sydney - CBU - Dominion - Glace Bay)

CBU Sunday Service Schedule
CBU Sunday Route Map
CBU Sunday Route Map (Printable PDF)


Transit Fares

Transit fares are $1.25 per zone traveled. Depending on the number of zones travelled, the cost of riding the bus can range from $1.25 to $5.00.Transit fares for Seniors 55 & up and children 5-12 range are $1.00 per zone traveled. Depending on the number of zones travelled, the cost of riding the bus can range from $1.00 to $4.75.

For more information on Transit Charters, Transit Fares and Transit Advertising please contact us at:
320 Esplanade
Sydney, NS
B1P 7B9Tel: (902) 539-8124
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

We make it our duty to provide transportation according to the schedule. Unfortunately, there is little we can do when traffic, road construction or weather conditions force us to change schedule. For operational reasons, we reserve the right to modify the schedule. We appreciate your understanding.