2017 Trashformer Program Progress


The 2017 Trashformer Team:  Program Results

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The Trashformers tracked the following information:

• Number of garbage bags filled with litter and debris.
• The weight of the litter and debris removed from municipal streets and public areas.

The team compiled data on the following litter items:

Refundable items
Fast food wrappers
Hot drink cups
Cold drink cups
Cigarette packages
Cigarettes butts
Sharps (needles)

Odd or unusual items were also highlighted each week. 

The 2017 Trashformer team began removing litter from CBRM Streets and Public Areas on Monday, May 22, 2017 and continued their efforts Monday to Friday until Friday, August 11, 2017.


2017 Trashformer Program Progress:


Monday, May 22, 2017 to Friday, August 11, 2017

During the 2017 Trashformer Program, The Trashformer Team filled approximatley 1,037 garbage bags with litter and debris.  The weight of the litter accumulated during the 2017 program was 5,213 kg or 5.21 tonnes.

The Trashformers picked up and removed:

1,871                       Refundable beverage containers
7,530                       Fast food wrappers/packaging
11,245                     Hot drink cups
1,898                       Cold drink cups
3,368                       Cigarette packages
1,936                       Cigarettes butts
157                          Loose sharps (needles)
1                              Filled Safe Sharps Container


Some of the more unusual materials removed from the community during the 2017 season included:


Sporting equipment:

hockey sticks & pucks, bikes, surf board, elliptical, yoga mats, etc.

Construction & demolition debris:

shingles, wood debris, windows, wooden frames, etc.

Appliances/In door & outdoor furniture:

chairs, tables, mattresses, crib,barbeque, toaster, deep fryer, etc.

Children's toys:

dolls, sled, video games, CD's, pool toys, kiddy pool, etc.

Automobile parts:

tires, muffler, bumper, seats, etc.

Food waste:

lobster shells, potatoes, etc.


computer monitors, tv sets, radios, etc.


Other: uncommon items

shopping carts, furnace, clothing, baby strollers, sun glasses, Styrofoam, kitty litter, satellite box, propane tanks, paint cans, 1,042 bottle caps, vacuum cleaner, propane tanks, aersoal containers etc.