The Homeowners Guide to Flood Prevention

Cape Breton Regional Municipality Wastewater Operations and ACAP Cape Breton provide this comprehensive guide to inform residents about stormwater management and help them prepare for flood events. Click to download PDF.

Homeowners Guide to Flood Prevention  

Wastewater Services Q & A

Where does wastewater go? 

Wastewater leaves residential or commercial property through a service lateral and enters a piped collection system.  It then either travels to a treatment facility, where it is treated before being discharged to the environment, or it is sometimes discharged directly to the environment without treatment.  New federal regulations now require all wastewater be treated to a high standard before being discharged so those areas without treatment will now require new facilities to comply.  

Who is responsible for wastewater service delivery? 

Currently, wastewater service delivery is the responsibility of CBRM Engineering and Public Works Department and is provided by the CBRM Wastewater Department. 

How do we currently recover wastewater costs? 

Wastewater costs are charged on your tax bill at a rate of $ 0.191 per $100 of assessment.  Property assessment has no relationship to use of wastewater services.

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The Solution to Water Pollution video series:

You're invited to come inside the workings of the Battery Point Wastewater Treatment Plant in Sydney, and the Dominion-Bridgeport Wastewater Treatment Plant.  Follow these links to our video series: The "Solution to Water Pollution"


To be compliant with CBRM Wastewater By-Law #W-100, restaurants, service stations and commercial kitchens can submit Oil and Grease Interceptor Maintenance Logs at www.icomplycbrm.ca