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CBRM 2019 2020 Curbside Collection Schedule and Waste Separation Guide


Updates and Notices


The Solid Waste Department will post important Curbside Collection NOTICES, UPDATES or CANCELLATIONS to the following sections:

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IMPORTANT Winter Collection Information

During the winter months, high winds and blustery weather conditions will make it difficult to secure collection materials safely and properly curbside. If a weather forecast is predicting unfavorable conditions and it is your collection day, residents are reminded they can hold on to their materials until their next scheduled collection day.

Extra garbage bags and green cart material will be collected on your area’s next regularly scheduled garbage and green cart collection day.

• Blue bags will be collected on your area’s NEXT regularly scheduled blue bag collection week.


2019-2020 Curbside Collection:  Blue Bag Collection Schedule 

The Blue Bag collection schedule for CBRM follows a 2 week collection rotation across the municipality.  To determine if your area's blue bag collection week is during a GRAY WEEK OR WHITE WEEK, please fill in your civic address in the fields above. 

You can also visit:


Please remember,  Blue Bags are collected every second week on your area's scheduled collection day.


Contact the Solid Waste Department

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You are also encouraged to contact the Solid Waste Management Hotline at (902) 567-1337.



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