Refundable Beverage Containers


Beverage Containers have several disposal options in CBRM.  All beverage containers, except for milk products can be taken to a local enviro-depot for refund.  These containers can also be placed curbside during your area's blue bag collection scheduled.  Beverage containers must not be placed in the garbage for disposal.


Deposit-Refund Program for Beverage Containers

The Deposit-Refund Program in Nova Scotia has been in effect since 1996. The program includes all ready-to-serve beverage containers except for:

  • Milk or milk products
  • Soy and rice drinks
  • Certain meal replacements
  • Formulated liquid diets
  • Baby formulas
  • Beverage concentrates


How the Program Works

When consumers purchase ready-to-serve beverage containers, they pay a deposit. Consumers can then return the containers to an ENVIRO-DEPOTTM for a refund.

Container Type Deposit Paid Refund
Non-Liquor less than 5L 10 cents 5 cents
Liquor 500 ml or less 10 cents 5 cents
Liquor greater than 500 ml 20 cents 10 cents
Deposits on refillable domestic beer bottles are completely refundable:  $1.20 per dozen.


Where can I return my refundable containers?

Refundable beverage containers can be returned to any ENVIRO-DEPOTTM that operates across the province for a refund..

The Enviro-Depots that operate in CBRM include:


Enviro-Depot Community / Address Phone Number
Burke's Enviro Depot Lower Warrant Street, Louisbourg (902) 733-2130
New Waterford Recyclers 5559 Union Highway, River Ryn (902) 862-3090
Total Recycling Ltd 50 Industrial Drive, Sydney (902) 564-5173
 Triple B Recycling Depot 24 Stornaway Street (902) 539-8736
 Keltic Recycling Inc. 434 Keltic Drive, Sydney River (902)562-4008
 Glace Bay Recycling Ltd. 204 Reserve Street, Glace Bay (902) 842-0608
 North Sydney Recycling Ltd.  66 Memorial Drive, North Sydney (902) 241-3004


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For more information about Enviro-Depots, residents are encouraged to contact Divert Nova Scotia at



Other Waste Management Questions?

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