Divert Nova Scotia Events & Contests



Divert Nova Scotia is a Not-For-Profit Corporation that works in partnership with Nova Scotians to improve the province's environment, economy and quality-of-life by Reducing, Reusing, Recycling and Recovering Resources.  As a way to acknowedge and celebrate our province's accomplishments in Waste Management, they provide Nova Scotians with contests and events to celebrate all of the ways we are leaders in Waste Reduction.  Below is an annual event and a Grade 12 Scholarship opportunity that Divert Nova Scotia hosts that you may want to learn more about.


  • Mobius Awards of Environmental Excellence
  • Grade 12 Champion of the Environment Scholarship 2019:  Deadline for submission is Sunday May 5, 2019




 Please visit www.divertns.ca to learn more about Divert Nova Scotia.