The Cape Breton Regional Municipality has established a number of Polices since its incorporation.

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The current Policies have been put in place to offer objective direction to staff in its administrative and implementation of Council decisions.  In formulating its Policies, Council considers the views of the public as well as the constraints of its own budget. Council attempts, in all cases, to implement those initiatives which are affordable and attainable.

Similar to the section on By-Laws, the CBRM must ensure that it has the legal authority under the Municipal Government Act to establish a particular Policy.

This page lists the current CBRM Policies and updates will be provided as new Policies are approved by Council.


The Policies listed on the CBRM web page are not the official copy of the original documents. They are placed on the website for the general information of visitors to the site. Anyone requiring an official copy of the most current official record of CBRM Policies should contact the Municipal Clerk's office.