Used Tire Program



Used TIRES are not accepted curbside for collection. These items are also not accepted for disposal at CBRM’s Waste Management Facility. A resident can return up to four used tires to any tire retailer in CBRM at no cost. Each tire must be removed from the rim and free of mud and debris.


Used Tire Management Program

On-road motor vehicle tires with a rim size of 24" or less have been banned from landfills since 1996.  When a new tire is purchased in Nova Scotia, a one-time environmental handling fee is applied at the point of sale. Retailers submit the fee to Divert Nova Scotia to support the cost of collecting and processing these tires.


The tires highlighted below MUST BE returned to a Tire Retailer

Car and Truck Tires Camper Tires
Motorcycle Tires Trailer Tires

Contact the Waste Management Hotline (902) 567-1337 for information on the proper disposal of other types of tires.


Roll It Back FREE of Charge

You can return up to four used tires at one time to any tire retailer in the province, at no cost. The tires must be removed from the rim and be free of mud and debris. You can also leave your unwanted used tires at the retailer when you buy new ones.


Environmental Handling Fees on New Tires SOLD in Nova Scotia

The Used Tire Management Program is funded through an environmental fee placed on the purchase of all new tires. When you purchase NEW Tires in Nova Scotia, you will be charged an environmental handling fee. The fee is determined by the size of the tire and the type of tire purchased. The fees are in place to support costs associated with the collection and processing of used tires.

Tire Fee on Tire
Passenger and light truck tires including all on-road motorcycle, camper and tow-behind trailers. $   4.50 / tire + HST
Medium truck tires Including all commercial truck and tractor trailer tires - not exceeding 24.5". $ 13.50 / tire + HST


The Benefits of Recovering Tires

  • Extends the life of landfills.
  • Conserves energy and natural resources such as water and crude oil.
  • Creates jobs in the collection, transportation and processing of used tires.
  • Protects the environment.
  • Reduces risk to human health.


Interesting Facts about Tire Recovery in Nova Scotia

  • The Used Tire Management program is managed by Divert Nova Scotia.
  • Since 1997, Divert Nova Scotia has helped keep 18.4 million tires from being disposed of in Nova Scotia Landfills. That is an average of approximately 1 million tires every year.
  • There are approximately 880 Tire Retailers across Nova Scotia that participate in the Tire Recycling Program.
  • Used tires are converted into a Tire Derived Aggregate (TDA), which is a multipurpose product that is used in construction and engineering products.


Materials Made from Tires

Scrap tires that are recovered and collected can be recycled into crumb fiber and used to produce products such as:

  • Backing for carpet, flooring products
  • Athletic fields and tracks
  • Crumb rubber can be used as the surface for playgrounds
  • Mats
  • New tires


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Residents who would like more information on Nova Scotia's USED TIRE MANAGEMENT PROGRAM are encouraged to contact Divert Nova Scotia 1-877-313-7732 or visit         



Other Waste Management Questions?

Residents who have more questions about Waste Management are encouraged to contact the Waste Management Hotline at (902)567-1337 or visit . Educators are available to respond to inquiries from 8:30 am to 4:00 pm Monday to Friday.