Dual Stream Rear Load Split Collection Vehicle


Contractor Rear Load Split

 The Contractor Dual Stream Rear Load Split Collection Vehicle

The Dual Stream Rear Load Split Collection Vehicle is another type of collection vehicle used by CBRM Contractors to collect residential solid waste in CBRM.

This style of vehicle allows the collector to collect two separate waste materials from the curb, while keeping the materials separated as it is being once loaded into the vehicle.


How the Dual Stream Rear Load Split Collection Vehicle Works?

  • The collector loads the materials removed from the curb at the rear of this type of collection vehicle. There is a divider located inside the dual stream rear load split collection vehicle which separates two compartments that are located side by side. This divider prevents two different materials getting collected, from becoming mixed together once it has been loaded in the vehicle.
  • The material is loaded onto a conveyor that is located at the bottom of each compartment. One waste item is loaded on the left side of the divider and the second waste item is loaded on the right side of the divider. A hydraulic ram located inside the vehicle, moves the two materials into separate holding compartments. The loading process continues until the two compartments are filled.
  • This vehicle is also equipped with a hydraulic lift that will be used if the waste streams being placed in this vehicle is garbage and organic waste. The hydraulic lift is used to lift and empty the contents of each green cart into the collection vehicle.
  • Once both compartments are filled, the collection vehicle travels to the appropriate Waste Management Site to empty its contents. The filled dual stream rear load collection vehicles empty from the rear of the vehicle. There are two doors located at the rear of the vehicle to open each compartment separately during the unloading process. This prevents the two waste streams from becoming mixed together as each side is emptied onto the appropriate tipping floor.