Non-Acceptable Heavy Garbage Material


2024 Heavy Garbage Collection:  Monday, May 6, 2024


The 2024 heavy garbage collection starts on Monday, May 6. Please do not place materials curbside for this collection until the weekend of May 3 to5.


Items not accepted for heavy garbage collection will be left uncollected for a resident to remove from the curb.  




Electronics including countertop microwaves, video gaming systems & peripheral, GPS systems, e-book readers, desk top computers, portable computers, tablets, computer monitors, computer peripheral, desktop printers, televisions, personal/portable audio & video play back and recording systems, vehicle audio/video systems, home theatre in a box (HTB) systems, home audio/video systems, external storage devices & modems, non-cellular telephones & cellular devices:

Residents who have old or unwanted electronics they no longer need, can drop them off at no charge to any local Electronic Products Recycling Association (EPRA) Drop-Off Centre.  There are four local Drop-Off Centres located in CBRM:

  • Glace Bay Recycling Ltd.:  204 Reserve Street, Glace Bay B1A 4W5 (902) 578-3418
  • Total Recycling Ltd.:  50 Industrial Drive, Sydney B1P 7E7 (902) 564-5173
  • Keltic Recycling Inc.:  434 Keltic Drive, Sydney River B1L-1B8  (902) 562-4008
  • North Sydney Recycling Ltd.:  66 Memorial Drive, North Sydney B2A 358 (902) 241-3004

Residents can also visit: for more information on Nova Scotia's Electronic Recycling Program


Residential Hazardous Waste:

Residents who have hazardous waste, can drop these items off free-of-charge to CBRM's Residential Hazardous Waste Depot.  CBRM's Hazardous Waste Depot is located at 345 Gulf Crescent, Edwardsville. Please report to the Administrative Office upon arrival.

Examples of Residential Hazardous Waste:

Thinners Kerosene Solvents
Cleaners Antifreeze Adhesives
Pesticides Herbicides Pool Chemicals
oil empty oil containers unused paint
empty paint cans glycol empty glycol containers
fluorescent Lights mercury containing products 1 pound propane cylinders


Hazardous waste items should be returned in their original containers with labels intact.

Propane Tanks/Propane Cylinders:

Residents are encouraged to contact the Waste Management Hotline at (902) 567-1337 for disposal options for larger propane tanks and propane cylinders.

Fluorescent Lights:

Fluorescent lights can be dropped off free-of-charge year round to CBRM's Residential Hazardous Waste Depot.

Asphalt Roofing Shingles:

Asphalt roofing shingles can be dropped off free-of-charge year round to CBRM's Waste Management Facility located on 145 Spar Road in Sydney.

Vehicle Parts:

Contact the hotline (902) 567-1337 for disposal options available for vehicle parts.

Used Vehicle Tires:

On-road motor vehicle tires with a rim size of 24.5" or under are banned from Nova Scotia landfills since 1996.  Residents who have used vehicle tires can return up to four regulated used tires with a rim size of 24.5" or under at one time to any tire retailer in the province at no cost.  Tires must be off the rims and free of mud and debris. 

Tires that are part of the Used Tire Recycling Management Program include:

All Passenger and Light Truck Tires including all on-road motor-cycle, camper and trailer tires.
Highway truck, tractor, and trailer tires not exceeding 24.5 inches.

For all other used tires not included in the Used Passenger Tire Program contact the Waste Management Hotline at (902) 567-1337.  Residents can also contact Divert NS at 1-877-313-7732 or online at

Leaf and Yard Waste:

Large trees, stumps and branches will not be collected.  

Large trees, stumps and branches can be dropped off free-of-charge at the Waste Management Site on Spar Road in Sydney Tuesday to Saturday from 8am to 4pm. 

Leftover/Unused Paint Products & Empty Paint Cans:

Residents who have unwanted or left over paint, paint aerosols or empty paint containers/cans may return these products free of charge to any Enviro-Depot TM in CBRM. 

The paint products accepted in this program include:

Interior and exterior:  water-based (e.g. Latex, acrylic) and oil-based (e.g. alkyd, enamel) consumer paint
Deck and floor coating (including elastomeric)
Varnishes and urethanes (single-component)
Concrete and masonry paint
Drywall paint
Undercoats and primers (e.g. metal, wood etc.)
Marine paint (unless registered under Pest Control Product Act)
Melamine, metal and anti-rust paints, stains and shellacs
Swimming pool paint (single-component)
Stain blocking paint
Textured paint
Block Fillers 
Wood, masonry, driveway sealers and water repellant (non-tar based or bitumen based)
Paint aerosols of all types are accepted, including automotive, craft and industrial products
Empty paint cans and/or paint containers. Labels and lids must remain on these containers

For more information on accepted paint products and to find a collection site near you, visit

When dropping off your paint remember:

Paint must be in its original container, tightly sealed with the labels affixed.

Do not mix different types of paint products together. Recycling locations can not accept paint products mixed with other products.

You can bring up to 10 containers of paint or 50 spray cans at a time (no larger than 25 litres for paint or 680g / 24oz for paint aerosols) 

Empty paint cans are accepted for drop-off at any Enviro-depot located in Nova Scotia.

The Enviro-Depots located in CBRM include:

Glace Bay Recycling Ltd. 204 Reserve Street, Glace Bay
New Waterford Recyclers 5559 Union Highway, River Ryan
Keltic Recycling Inc. 434 Keltic Drive, Sydney River
North Sydney Recycling Ltd. 66 Memorial Drive, North Sydney
Total Recycling 50 Industrial Drive, Sydney
Triple B Recycler 448 Prince Street, Sydney