May 31 deadline for municipal grants

April 13, 2022

The application deadline for CBRM's Municipal Grants Program is May 31, 2022 for both the Capital, Operating and Tax Relief category and the Festival and Events category.

Application forms are available on the CBRM website under City Hall > Forms.  


There are three (3) funding options under the Capital/Operating Grants Category:

1.Capital Grant Applications under $25,000
2.Operating Grant Applications under $10,000
3.Tax Relief for Non-Profit Organizations

There are two funding options under the Festival and Events category and more details are included on the application form.

1. Applications under $1,000
2.  Applications over $1,000 but under $50,000

The Capital and Operating category offers several types of grant. The Capital grant has a maximum disbursement of $25,000 provides one-time support for the purchase of property, the construction of a facility, remodeling, expansion of a facility, or purchase of equipment. 

Operating grants (maximum $10,000) are considered annually for groups with a mandate to deliver an ongoing service or program that is generally delivered by a municipality, or complements a service being offered by CBRM. 

Operating grants may assist a group with its operations through tax relief. This program offers conversions from commercial to the residential tax rate, to a non-profit community, charitable, fraternal, educational, recreational, religious, cultural or sporting organization.

The Municipal Grants Program is a municipal fund used to invest in local non-profit groups and organizations throughout the region, while ensuring public accountability for the expenditure of public money and outcomes of benefit to the general public.

All applications are evaluated by the Municipal Grants Committee.