District 9

District 9Ken Tracey

28 Drew St.
Glace Bay, NS  B1A 1A7

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Phone: (902) 574-3694

The populations referenced in this description is based on the 2011 census.

Map of District 9

This District has a population of 8,976 and an area of 35 square kilometers.

It includes:

  • that part of the community of Glace Bay south of Main Street from the Harbour to its intersection with Wallace Road; and
  • south of Beechwood Court; and
  • south of 286 Phalen Road, and
  • east of its boundary shared with the community of Reserve Mines (i.e. east of 2434 Sydney Road, where Wilson Road becomes Dominion Street at the MacLeod Road intersection; and
  • that sector of Dominion Street from its intersection with MacLeod road east to its intersection with Highland Street, and the Steeles Hill neighbourhood south of it; and
  • all of Highland Street and the streets north of Ninian Street west of the railway right-of-way;
  • Dominion Street east of its intersection with the railway right-of-way to its intersection with Brookside Street; and
  • all of Brookside Street north of its intersection with Lake Road; and
  • all of the streets north of Lake Road and west and north of the railway right-of-way west and north of the Lake Road to the shore of Big Glace Bay lake; and
  • then along the shore of Big Glace Bay lake and along the shore of the Atlantic Ocean to the point where Main Street meets the Harbour.