Fire & Emergency Services Committee

The following is the Terms of Reference for the Fire and Emergency Services Committee:


The mission of the Fire and Emergency Services Committee is to manage community risk through a system of engineering, enforcement, education and consultation; and to provide a standard of emergency response meeting the defined needs of the CBRM.

Committee Structure:

The Committee shall consist of five (5) members of Council. The Deputy Mayor is to serve as Chair with the annual election of a Vice Chair. Half of the Committee members are replaced annually to maintain Committee continuity.

Committee Duties:

The Committee is to report to Council, carry out the requests of Council, conduct research, create draft bylaws, policies and budgets for Council’s consideration, and provide an annual report to Council on the state of service delivery including recommended service direction.

Areas of Responsibility:

The Fire and Emergency Services Committee will accomplish their mission through their oversight and recommendations to Council pertaining but not limited to the delivery of:

1. Registration of Fire Services;
2. Registration of Emergency Service;
3. Volunteer Support;
4. Fire Service Operations;
5. Fire - Emergency Services;
6. Fire Service Prevention;
7. Fire Service Training;
8. Emergency Management; and
9. Budget.

Proposed Meeting Schedule:

Meetings will be held at a minimum quarterly or more frequently as determined by the Chair. Meetings will commence on the first Wednesday of the month at 10am. The schedule is as follows:

March - Budget Proposal
June - Activities Reports
September – Activities Reports
December – Activities Reports

Fire and Emergency Services Committee Minutes (Laser Fiche)

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