Solid Waste News

Solid Waste News


The CBRM Solid Waste Department will provide important Solid Waste Management Information in this section of the website and by using social media (Facebook & Twitter). Important Solid Waste updates will also be recorded in Option #2 of the Solid Waste Management Hotline. To access, phone the hotline at (902) 567-1337 and press #2. 




Northside Public Drop-Off Site: Open Saturday, December 3, 2022

The Northside Public Drop-Off Site located off King Street in North Sydney is OPEN on Saturday, December 3, from 8am to 2:45 pm.


Waste Management Updates: Week of Sunday, November 20 to Saturday, November 26 2022 


Waste Management Facility

The Waste Management Site on SPAR Road in Sydney has returned to regular operating hours. The site is open Tuesday to Saturday from 8am to 4pm.


Seasonal Leaf and Yard Drop-Off Sites

The seasonal leaf and yard drop-off sites located in North Sydney, New Waterford and Glace Bay have closed for the season. The sites will remain closed until Mid-May.


Residents can continue to bring tree debris and other leaf and yard waste to the Waste Management Site on SPAR road in Sydney year-round 8am to 4pm Tuesday to Saturday.

Post Fionna tree debris 2022 


Litter Cleanups

Are you interested in picking up litter around your neighborhood? If so, contact the Solid Waste Hotline at (902) 567-1337. The solid waste department will provide bags and gloves to individuals and groups  interested in dping a litter cleanup. If we all work together, we can make a difference.  Let's keep CBRM Clean and Beautiful.  For more information on making litter a thing of the past, contact the hotline today!  

Litter 2022


Solid Waste Display:  Mayflower Mall

Thank you to everyone who checked out the Community Green Campaign hosted at the Mayflower Mall during March Break.  Congratulations to our Winners of our Community Green Campaign.

1st prize Winner- iPad Air 4th Generation Tablet was won by Mike Gillis.

 Winner of the Ipad 2022

2nd prize Winner of the $500 Mayflower Mall Gift Certificates was won by Jaelynn Hennessey.

winner of the 500 May Flower Mall Gift Card

Ballots were drawn by Constable Arnold McKinnon.




Curbside Collection: Inclement Weather Reminder

Is your curbside collection day scheduled to happen during unfavorable weather or road conditions? If so, you can choose to hold onto your materials until your area’s next regularly scheduled collection day.

  • EXTRA garbage bags and green cart material will be collected on your area’s next regularly scheduled collection day.
  • Blue bags will be collected on your area's next regularly scheduled blue bag collection week.

If you decide to place your materials curbside during inclement weather, it is your responsibility to make sure the material remains secure during heavy winds, if the materials become buried during snow fall, during plowing of your road or street, or placed in an area that may affect vehicle and pedestrian traffic.

At the end of the collection day, if your material is not collected, please remove from the curb. It is your responsibility to remove any uncollected materials at the end the day.

 Collection Picture for winter weather


Nova Scotia Single-Use Plastic Bag Ban:

Single use plastic bags are banned in Nova Scotia.  As of  October 30, 2020, businesses are not permitted to place a customers purchases in single-use plastic bags at checkouts. Please remember to bring your own reusable bag.

For more information on the single use plastic bag ban please visit:

Plastic Bag Ban Image


Residential Hazardous Waste Drop-Off Site

Residential Hazardous waste is not accepted during heavy garbage collection or during your weekly regular curbside collection. If you have hazardous waste items to get rid of, you can take them to CBRM’s Residential Hazardous Waste Drop-off Site free of charge.

The HHW Depot is located:
345 Gulf Crescent
Sydport Industrial Park

Hours of Operation:
Monday to Friday: 8:30 am to 4pm
Saturdays: 8:30am to 3:30pm

HHW materials accepted at the HHW Depot includes:
Thinners, cleaners, pesticides & herbicides, small propane cylinders, kerosene, anti-freeze, solvents, oil, glycol and items containing mercury.

Important Reminder:
In an effort to follow all covid-19 guidelines in place by the province of Nova Scotia, we ask that you continue to practice proper social distancing. Masks are required when entering our building to register the materials you are dropping off for disposal.

HHW material for website

Curbside Collection Disposal Reminder:

Residents are reminded tissues, masks, disinfecting wipes, disposable gloves and bathroom products (i.e. hygiene products, diapers) get disposed of in with your regular garbage. These items do not get disposed of in blue bags or in the green cart.

Curbside Collection: Clear Garbage Bags

Residents can place a maximum of five clear garbage bags curbside per week for collection. A resident can choose to replace one clear garbage bag with one optional dark garbage bag per week. 


Curbside Collection Reminder

During the Covid-19 pandemic, CBRM Waste Collectors and Contractors continue to collect our garbage, blue bags and empty green carts on your area’s scheduled collection day. In an effort to protect the health and safety of our waste collectors, we remind you not to approach our collectors as they carry out their jobs. If you have questions you are encouraged to contact the Waste Management Hotline.

blue bag collection

Medical Exemption Program: Garbage Collection

The Solid Waste Department offers a medical exemption to households who may need to use more than one dark garbage bag per week for the disposal of materials related to a medical circumstance. The use of additional dark bags is for materials related to the medical condition only. Any additional garbage un-related to the household’s medical circumstance should be disposed of in clear garbage bags.

To learn more information on acquiring a medical exemption for your household, please contact the Waste Management Hotline at (902)567-1337. Please remember, to be eligible for a medical exemption, your household must be participating in CBRM’s Blue Bag and Green Cart Collection Programs.                

Curbside Collection Reminder:

If curbside collection is cancelled, or roads are unable to be serviced by collection vehicles on your collection day:

EXTRA garbage bags and green cart material will be collected on your area's next scheduled garbage and green cart collection day.

• Blue bags will be collected on your area's next regularly scheduled blue bag collection week.


Curbside Collection Updates


If Storm Watches are In Effect?

The CBRM Solid Waste Department reminds residents the decision to cancel curbside collection is not normally made until the morning of a forecasted weather event. If you are concerned about placing materials curbside, when there is a storm forecasted on your collection day, you can choose not to place your materials out for collection.

  • EXTRA garbage bags and green cart material will be collected on your area's next scheduled garbage and green cart collection day.
  • If it is your area’s scheduled blue bag collection, your blue bags will be collected on your area's next regularly scheduled blue bag collection week.


Collection Reminders

Garbage or Blue Bags must not be placed inside green carts for collection.  A green cart containing Garbage or Blue Bags will be tagged and left unemptied by the collector.

Sods, soil, sand or rocks must not be placed inside your green cart for collection.  Green carts containing sods, soil sand or rocks will be tagged and left unemptied by the collector.

Residents can place a maximum of 5 clear garbage bags curbside on their area's collection day.  Please remember, one optional dark bag can be used to replace one of your clear garbage bags.


2022 Seasonal Leaf and Yard Waste Drop-off Sites: Closing for the season on Saturday, November 19.

The weekly seasonal leaf and yard drop-off sites open one day a week between mid-May and mid-November in North Sydney, Glace Bay and New Waterford are closing for the season.  For more information on the schedule for the leaf and yard drop-off sites visit  To find out what's accepted for disposal at the season leaf and yard drop-off sites visit

Leaf and yard waste picture 2021


Seasonal Leaf and Yard Drop - Off Site

Open Mid May to Mid November

NOW OPEN For The Season

Community Site Location  Schedule Hours of Operation
North Sydney Drop-off Station on Ferris Street off King Street Each Thursday    
1:00pm to 6:00pm
Glace Bay Public Works Yard on West Avenue

Each Saturday  

(Closed June 11 in honour of Davis Day)

9:00am to 3:00pm
New Waterford Public Works Yard on Ling Street

Each Saturday  

(Closed June 11 in honour of Davis Day)

9:00am to 3:00pm

tree debris 2019 hurricane

yard debris pile 2

A Preventative Illegal Dumping Reminder

In an effort to reduce and prevent illegal dumping, CBRM Solid Waste encourages residents when using the services of another person to remove waste materials from your property, you should always:

  • Request and record the contact information of the person removing waste materials for you. (Phone number, civic address, etc.)
  • Properly record the license plate number of the vehicle that is used to remove materials from your property.
  • Record the date and time the waste materials were removed from your property.
  • Ask for a copy of the scale slip to verify waste was taken to the waste management facility for disposal.  

Collection Questions?

If there is a collection issue that could impact curbside collection, the Solid Waste Department may use the following resources to communicate the information:

Curbside Collection App:  Collection Notices and Updates will be added to the Solid Waste Department's Mobile App.  Visit or download the new Solid Waste App from the Apple Store or the Goggle Play Store.


The Waste Management Hotline: Waste Reduction Educators are informed about collection delays or issues that could affect curbside collection. A message will also be recorded in Option #2 of the hotline menu. When you contact the hotline press Option #2 to see if a collection update has been placed here.


CBRM's Facebook Page:  Collection notices will be posted to CBRM's Facebook page. The Solid Waste Department encourages residents to like the municipal page to receive municipal postings.


CBRM's Twitter Account: Collection updates will also be tweeted using Twitter.


CBRM Website: Collection notices will be placed in the following sections: Collection Notices/Cancellations, Solid Waste News and Curbside Collection Information.


Solid Waste App:  residents can down download the solid waste app from the Apple Store or Google Play Store.  Check it out today and sign up for weekly collection notifications, updates and/or to view your area's collection schedule. Have a question about sorting, you can also visit CBRM's Waste Wizard now available for your sorting questions.  


Missed Collection 

Residents are encouraged to phone the Waste Management Hotline to inform an educator about your missed collection.

How can residents learn more information about curbside collection?

Residents are encouraged to contact the Waste Management Hotline at (902) 567-1337 for curbside collection inquiries. Educators are available to respond to inquiries from 8:30am to 4:00pm Monday to Friday.